Saturday, March 12, 2011

Intertwined in the MUSIC there is the ART.

There is a web, connecting us all.
The intention in this part of the blog, is to bring together the artists.
The visual aspect of the audio pleasures brought to you by BayAreaBass.
I am ChelseaLyn, working out of Denver, Colorado collectively with the BayAreaBass blog to bring forth into the Universe the paints and photography and markers and graffiti of the art world. Emerging from nothing but creativity, brought into reality for your viewing tantalization.
I, myself, am a working artist, working for the universe from the heArt, both in the LIVE setting, side by side with these musical prodigies and beautiful creators of the music, and also moving onto starting a clothing line, and of course, studio work.
There is nothing but expansion and love to be shared through art and music, so here we find the delicate line, and integrate them together. For you, and for them, and for the Universe. For our 6 senses, our third eyes, and our heArts.